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Welcome to the homepage of Argus3's George and Chloris. This site will be your guide to all sorts of information pertaining to the production of the film. Please check back soon for more information on:

  • Crew Calls
  • Shooting locations and dates

About the Film

George and Chloris will explore themes of originality, opportunity, and the human ability to change. The film's plot centers around Chloris, a well known perfume maker.  Chloris' perfume is so highly coveted, she must keep her perfume protected within her shop. When her neighbor and lifelong admirer, George, unknowingly steals her sense of smell, he stumbles upon the key to making her extraordinary perfume. A quirky and witty adventure unfold as Chloris searches for her lost sense.

About the Company

Argus3 is a Michigan-based independent film production company that aims to produce artistic, engaging and innovative films. We aspire to write and produce films that are intelligent, inspiring and appealing to everyone's imagination, while blending quirky sense of humor and beautiful visual appeal. Based in Ann Arbor, Argus3 hopes to encourage local and community supported filmmaking that retains a professional level of quality.